We are Fibria

The year of 2017 will be remembered by all at Fibria, among other achievements, for the start of the second pulp production line in Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul state). The success of this challenging project was the materialization of the company’s Inspiration and Purpose, key to the whole set of beliefs and attributes that guide our business.

These concepts were present throughout the construction and implementation process of the new line, which extended from 2015 to 2017.

About Fibria

Fibria is a Brazilian company that cultivates in planted forests as a source for the sustainable development of new products. It is committed to continuously improving processes and relationships with people and recognizes its role in society, supported by the partnership with its stakeholders. This partnership is strongly anchored in the concepts of open dialogue and building together. For all these reasons, the company believes that it should be part of the solution for a more just and sustainable society.

We are present in 261 municipalities across the country and export to 35 countries. With a production capacity of 7.25 million tons of pulp per year, we operate three industrial units – in Aracruz (Espírito Santo state), Jacareí (São Paulo state), and Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul state) – and the Veracel mill in Eunápolis, in the state of Bahia, where we operate jointly with Stora Enso. In partnership with Cenibra, we also operate Portocel in Espírito Santo – the only Brazilian port specializing in shipment of pulp.

Our activities toward developing new materials and products are carried out at two research centers in Brazil – in Aracruz and Jacareí – and by Fibria Innovations, located in Burnaby, Canada, dedicated to researching and developing applications for lignin.

On other technological fronts, we work with foreign companies, such as North American Ensyn (in which we have a 12.1% stake), researching new renewable fuels obtained from biomass.

With the Finnish startup Spinnova, in which we have an 18% stake, we focus on developing low-cost and environmentally sustainable technologies to produce raw materials for the textile industry.

Fibria also has a minority stake of 8.3% in CelluForce, a Canadian company that is a world leader in the commercial production of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC). NCC, a biodegradable and renewable technology, can be used in a variety of applications, such as oil and gas, improving the processes to produce paper and nonwoven products, the cement industry, developing applications in electronics, and in other segments such as plastics and composites, paints and coatings, cosmetics, the healthcare industry, and the food and beverage industry.

Fibria’s forestry activities are based on renewable plantations and cover 1,092 million hectares of forests, of which 656,000 hectares are planted forests, 374,000 hectares are environmental preservation and conservation areas, and 61,000 hectares are intended for other uses.

The pulp we produce, with diverse specifications, is raw material for the manufacture of paper and other materials used in education, healthcare, hygiene, and cleaning products. In addition to supplying the Brazilian market, we export pulp to 35 countries, supported by representative business offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Loading in the mill. Aracruz (Espírito Santo state)
Photo: Marcio Schimming

Shareholding Structure


PRODUCTION BY UNIT1 2015 2016 2017
Jacareí 1,047 1,028 1,042
Três Lagoas 1,248 1,236 1,822
Aracruz 2,328 2,207 2,227
50% Veracel 562 550 551
TOTAL 5,185 5,021 5,642
1 Thousand tons (t). Rounded numbers.

Production by Unit1

Sales breakdown (by net revenue by region)


Sales breakdown (by net revenue by region) 2015 2016 2017
Europe 43% 36% 32%
North America 24% 22% 20%
Asia 24% 32% 39%
Latin America 9% 10% 9%

Sales by End Use


Sales by end use 2015 2016 2017
Tissues 50% 48% 49%
Printing and Writing 35% 34% 35%
Specialty Papers 15% 18% 16%