Independent Assurance

Independent Assurance





Bureau Veritas Certification Brazil (‘Bureau Veritas’) was engaged by FibriaCelulose S.A. (‘Fibria’) to conduct an independent assessment of its Annual Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report).

This assessment was conducted by a multidisciplinary staff with expertise in non-financial data.


The scope of this verification encompassed the Standard and Principles1 of the Global Reporting InitiativeTMGRI for Sustainability Reports, for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2017.

The collection, calculation and presentation of the data published in the report are Fibria’s management sole responsibility. Bureau Veritas is responsible for providing an independent opinion to the Stakeholders, pursuant to the scope of work defined in this declaration.


The Assurance covered the following activities:

  1. Interviews with the personnel responsible for material issues and involved in the Report content;
  2. Traceability of data published, searching itssourcesand the reliability of management systems involved;
  3. Verification of performance data related to the principles that ensure the quality of the information, pursuant to the GRI Standards;
  4. On-site visits to Fibria’s Units at Aracruz (Espírito Santo State), Jacareí (São Paulo State), Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul State) and the Central Administration office located in the city of São Paulo;
  5. Analysis of Fibria’s stakeholder engagement activities; and
  6. Evaluation of the method used to define material issues included in the Report, taking into account the sustainability context and the scope of the information published.

The level of verification adopted was Reasonable, according to the requirements of the ISAE 3000 Standard2, which were incorporated to the internal assessment protocols of Bureau Veritas.


Excluded from the scope of this work was any assessment of information related to:

  • Activities outside the defined assessment period;
  • Statements of position (expressions of opinion, beliefs, goals, or future intentions) on the part of Fibria;
  • Economic and financial information contained in this Report which has been taken from financial statements verified by independent financial auditors;
  • Inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, verified by Bureau Veritas in a different scope of work.

With regard to the verification principles of Accuracy and Reliability of Data, we clarify that our scope was limited to the data related to the material issues as shown in the section “About the Report”. The verification process has, given the Reasonable level, some limitations as to the identification of mistakes and omissions.



  • Fibria presents the Report based on 13 material issues defined in a materiality study from 2016. It is our understanding that the themes resulting from the study allow to present the impact of Fibria’s activities in a balanced manner.
  • Fibria’s Report comprehends a complete version in electronic media, and a summarized version in hard copy, which emphasizes the narrative and the performance data associated with the material issues. In addition to that, the Report has an online Indicators Center that contains data and more deepened details of the performance of the company. Both are available on the website that features the Report 2017 ( Additionally, Fibria created infographics that represent the processes of the company.
  • It was verified that the presentation of data about the indicator “Significant Investments Agreements and Contracts containing human rights clauses or that underwent human right screening – 412-3” has addressed the contracts of project “Horizonte 2”, so that a complete result was obtained for the indicator;
  • With respect to the impacts of the forest stewardship in the communities, we evidenced an improvement in information about the measures that were taken and the methods for monitoring the impacts applied by Fibria. The community engagement process named “Operational Dialogue” was properly disclosed in the Report;
  • The Report updates information on the expansion project Horizonte 2, with emphasis on operational and safety performance. We evidenced that operational, environmental and social data were incorporated to Fibria´s routine indicators;
  • We evidenced important initiatives regarding pulp and wood transportation, seeking decrease of traditional road transport, in line with the company´s sustainability policy;
  • Fibria continues to present the indicators associated with the Long Term Targets (up to 2025), providing the baseline and performance data of 2017;
  • The Report provides a satisfactory account of expectations that were generated in the previous Report. The presentation of the achievements against targets published in 2017, enables the reader to analyze the evolution of Fibria in the management of the commitments made;
  • We noticed that the recommendations made in our previous Statement were dealt with by Fibria.


Fibria demonstrates in the Report an important growth of the Asian market that, for the first time, exceeded the European and North American market in pulp volume purchased from the company. We recommend Fibria to disclose information regarding the implementation of its sustainability strategy in the Asian market.


Based on the Assurance that was performed, the evidence we had access to, and according to the scope of work defined in this statement, in our opinion:

  • The data and information disclosed in the Report adhere to the GRI-G4 quality and content principles;
  • The data and information disclosed in the Report are accurate and free from material errors;
  • The Report provides balanced information regarding Fibria´s economical, social and environmental performance, based on material aspects and identified significant impacts, following the GRI methodology;
  • The Report adheres to the quality and content principles of the GRI Standards for Sustainability Reports and meets the criteria of the Comprehensive option.


Bureau Veritas Certification is an independent professional services firm specializing in Quality, Health, Safety, Socialand Environmental Management, with more than185 years’ experience in independent assessment.

Bureau Veritas has a quality management system that is certified by a third party, according to which policies and documented procedures are maintained for the compliance with ethic, professional and legal requirements.

The assessment team has no links with Fibria and the assessment is performed independently.

Bureau Veritas implemented and follows a Code of Ethics throughout its business, in order to assure that its staff preserve high ethical, integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and competence/ professional attitude standards in the performance of their activities.At the end of the assessment, a detailed report was drawn up, ensuring traceability of the process. This Report is kept as a Bureau Veritas management system record.


Bureau Veritas Certification is available for further clarification on
or by telephone (11) 2655-9000.


São Paulo, Brazil, March 2018.


Alexander Vervuurt
Lead Auditor; Assurance Sustainability Reports (ASR)
Bureau Veritas Certification – Brazil





  1. Materiality, Stakeholder Inclusiveness, Sustainability Context, Completeness, Balance, Comparability, Accuracy, Periodicity, Clarity, and Reliability
  2. International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000 – Assurance Engagements other than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information